De Montfort Literature

De Montfort Literature

De Montfort Literature, now a company in its own right, started life as a small division of a successful hedge fund with a passion for literature. Recognising there was a dearth of good, new novelists, they decided to take what they knew about hedge fund management and apply it to literature and the creation of a new generation of best-selling novelists.

Recognising a gap in the market for an alternative to the traditional agents and publishers, and self-publishing routes, or what we like to call the ‘literary lottery’, we spent a lot of time and energy using some very advanced techniques to discover what makes a good novelist.

This is the biggest problem that traditional publishers have. Because they don’t know what it is, they prefer not to invest. But at De Montfort Literature, because we know what we are looking for, when we find it we’ll invest in it.

The Science

Many years ago when first starting out in finance, we devised a mathematical system, based partly on the Fibonacci sequence, to predict the financial markets. Using various data, we predicted the bottom of the market in 2002, the 2008 crash and Brexit, amongst other significant events.

Using the same methodology and applying it to literature, we believe we can create more quality novelists.

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